We've been waiting for you.


Hello, let us be the first ones to welcome you to San Salvador, El Salvador. Hotel Beverly Hills is an exclusive hotel catered towards business travelers like YOU. Hotel Beverly Hills provides a variety of room options according to your needs, along with carefully curated amenities like a pool, fitness center, and co-working space located on premises. We can't wait to meet you!



More than just a Hotel


Beverly Hills is more than just a hotel– it's an experience.

With the business traveler in mind, we handpicked these amenities to make both your stay and business more enjoyable.





Its 2017, in order to do any business whatsoever nowadays being connected to the grid is a must. Luckily we offer high speed complementary WIFI in the whole property. This means that you and your business can always stay ten steps ahead of the competition.



BECAUSE cities like nyc should make this free

There is on site parking on premises with security, did we mention its free!


Because the day needs to start with the right foot

When traveling, we also want to experience the local culture, many times it is done by eating. Luckily you can get a head start on culture with our breakfast. We offer a complementary breakfast buffet  with both local and international breakfast options.



because rain or shine, its always summer in san salvador

We get it, the business world never stops for a break. Fortunately you can relax and recharge on our onsite pool and there is sun year round in San Salvador. Wether its swimming, tanning or hanging loose on the cabanas, we got you covered. 



Because Business centers are a thing of the past

Sometimes working on your room can get mundane, or maybe the team is traveling together and need a place where everyone can work can collaborate comfortably. We count with a Work Bar with 2 iMacs and a dedicated Co-Working space with tables, chairs, sofas and as many plugs as you need in. 


because travel should not be an excuse not TO stay fit

We count with a gym with various machines to help you stay fit, even while traveling. That way you can burn the calories of those delicious Pupusas you had earlier.


Location, Location, Location.


Located in the Madreselva neighborhood, we are in the most exclusive part of the city. Just 0.3 Miles from the U.S. Embassy. We are right in the middle of work and play. We steps away from Avianca's HQ in San Salvador, Holcim, Avante, Publicidad Comercial and others as well as many different dinning options. Additionally we are located in a prime area where getaways to the beach, airport and many other breathtaking places that our beautiful county offers are easily accessible.



Sivar: Slang for San Salvador


A natural skyline...

Sivar is how many of the locals refer to San Salvador. A city where having breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a volcano, sunset at the beach and dinner at a museum is possible. 

San Salvador is a cosmopolitan city with many different cuisines from all over the world and many malls with world class shopping are available. To put a cherry on the top of all of this, you will fall in love with the "Guanaco" hospitality that will keep you coming back.